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HUSH! is a studio band playing Melodic Punch Rock Originals That Take A Stand.


Starting from scratch with a first arpeggio that's seeding guitar hooks and inspiring vocal lines... until, finally, words pour out filling in the artistic framework adding edge, sense and meaning to it all.

What do you do, if creativity seeks to break free, if ideas keep bursting and scream to be drawn up and immortalized? Doing what every good musician would do, we launched a project. And with that, HUSH! was born.

In order to do justice to both current and everlasting issues as well as to our own inherent drive and power, rock music came as the logical vehicle for our creative output. After all, HUSH! are not of the silent kind, we do not raise our finger to our lips but rather touch on sore points.

The fire was kindled, in blazing embers raw ideas are simmered to tasty pieces of music, that will nourish one's body, mind, heart and soul alike.

So come and join us at the fire! And after all is said and done, every thought and feeling are shared and every tone has faded away, be assured that there will always be one more cold drink for the road.


HUSH! are Sven Schwarzmann on guitars, Jörg Feldmann on vocals, and Marcel Huptych on bass guitar. All three musicians are equally responsible for songwriting (using the joint credit music and lyrics by HUSH!).

Besides HUSH!, they can also be found performing with Stoppe, Highway 61, The Groove, The Paisley Cowboys, or MULE!.

Sven Schwarzmann Sven Schwarzmann - guitars

Jörg Feldmann Jörg Feldmann - vocals

Marcel Huptych Marcel Huptych - bass guitar

As for additional musicians, HUSH! are often supported by David Hopp on keys and John O'Reilly Jr. on drums.


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All But A Dream

In their stunning debut, HUSH! deal with recent social developments which can be seen worldwide: raging mobs, always ready for violence and the incitement to hate, rampage, vandalism and physical threat, which are increasingly replacing peaceful demonstrations and marches as well as a reasonable, respectful social and political discourse.

Berlin Music Video Awards Honorable Mention At the 2024 Berlin Music Video Awards the music video for All But A Dream received a Honorable Mention in the category Best Song.

Additional material may be found on our YouTube channel.


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Below are some snapshots from the video shoot for All But A Dream.

Jörg Feldmann

Sven Schwarzmann

Marcel Huptych

Jörg Feldmann

Sven Schwarzmann

Marcel Huptych

Sven Schwarzmann

Jörg Feldmann



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